Page 1:    Coaches Code of Ethics, Coaches/Parents Meeting, Gym Use Guidelines
Page 2:   Safety, Court Decorum, Protesting Games, Player Discipline, Team Equipment,Gym Monitor, Gym Set-up & Tear Down, Postponements/Cancellations & Make-ups, Sportsmanship Award

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Coaches Code of Ethics- 

Dear Minor Division/Junior Division/Senior Division Coach,
Welcome to the West Hartford Youth Basketball League – Girls Division. On behalf of the WHGBL Administration, we would like to thank you for your commitment, energy and time to teaching and coaching our girls this season. As team coach, you are the heart and soul of our basketball recreation program and with you lies the responsibility of its success.
The WHGBL was established to promote the fundamentals of basketball through:
Commitment     Team work     Sportsmanship     Fair play     Hard work     FUN
This must be done in an environment that is safe, positive and enjoyable to all who participate. Our goal is to build self-esteem in each of our players regardless of talent level, to have fun and to create in each player the desire to be the best that she can be.
The desire to win is in all of us, however; success should not be measured by the number of wins or losses. Success should be judged by the lives that we touch and the relationships that we build. Let us enjoy the journey together!
Coaches Code of Ethics
 •   I will place the emotional and physical well being of my players ahead of a personal desire to win. Athletes first,
 winning second!
•   I will treat each player as an individual, providing realistic and reasonable expectations through positive motivation.
•   I will provide a safe environment for my players to play and practice. Two adults will be present at every practice
 session to ensure safety.
•   I promise to review and practice basic first aid principles needed to treat injuries to my players.
•   I will do my best to organize practices that are fun and challenging for all my players. 
•   I will ensure that all players get instruction, support and playing time in an equitable manner.
•   I will lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all my players.
                     a) Winning with class and dignity.
                     b) Losing with grace and without complaint.
                     c) Treating opponents and officials with fairness, generosity and courtesy.
•   I will be knowledgeable in the rules of the sport and I will teach these rules to my players.
•   I will remember that I am a youth coach - the game is for our girls, not for the adults.
Coaches / Parents Meeting
 When contacting player parents to inform them that their daughter is a member of your team, advise them that
           there will be a mandatory 15 minute meeting for parents before the start of the first practice. You may want to give
            them a brief overview of yourself to make them feel comfortable but confirm that one parent must be present at the
            parent meeting.
 O.K. – Now what do I do?
 Welcome – Brief introduction about yourself and an explanation of how you got into this mess. Communicate
            League Philosophy and your own. After your intro, have parents introduce themselves and point out their daughters
            so you can match up parents to players.
 Discuss schedule – Practice days and times. Games played on Sundays @ Conard / Sedgwick between 11:30
            and 3:15. Game schedules will be communicated when available.  
Coaches Responsibilities
            1.Provide a safe and positive environment for the girls
            2.Girls should have fun
            3.Develop teamwork, team spirit and a commitment to one another
            4.Instill good sportsmanship and fair play
            5.Challenge the girls. Create in each player the desire to be the best that she can be
            6.Teach the fundamentals of basketball 
Players Responsibilities
           1.Be courteous and respectful of coaches, teammates, opponents & referees
           2.Have fun
           3.Be positive
           4.Challenge yourself – try something new every practice
           5.Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
           6.Be prepared to play basketball at practice or games
           7.Enjoy the season with your teammates
Parents Responsibilities
           1.Have fun – enjoy the season with your daughter
           2.Be “positive” fans in the stands during games. Cheer!
           3.No coaching from the stands or sidelines during games – that’s why coaches are paid the big bucks!
           4.Inform coach/coaches if your child has special needs. Coaches will keep this information confidential if requested to do so.
           5.Problems  - Contact coach if needed
This is an overview of the Coaches/Parent meeting. Please use it as a guide. This is a great time to communicate your individual team rules to the parents and later to the girls. Please refer to the WHGBL Introduction and to the Coaches Code of Conduct for further assistance. Please remind parents that two coaches must be present at every practice and that they are welcome to drop in or stay for the duration of practice.
Coaches, Parents and Players Gym Use Guidelines
1. Coaches and players should remember they are guests in the schools and that use of the gym is a privilege. You should always leave the gyms as you found them. Do not remove items from the bulletin boards, erase backboards, remove gym equipment, etc.
            1.Vandalism or other misconduct by the leagues teams and individuals could result in the loss of use of the school            gyms.
            2.All coaches should introduce themselves to the school staff and custodians before their first practice.
            3.Sneakers only in the gyms – no street shoes.
            4.Coaches need to arrive before their players and not leave until all their players have been picked up, The custodians and school staff cannot be 
            responsible for supervising the players in their coach’s absence.
            5.Remind parents not to drop off their children early. They should always be sure their child’s coach is there before they leave. Parents should pick  up their children on time at the end of practice. Again, the school custodians and staff cannot supervise the players in a coach’s absence.
            6.Coaches need to supervise their players at all times. The league will be responsible for any damage or vandalism resulting from their use of the gyms.
            7.Coaches should inspect their gyms when they arrive. If you find any problems, damage, anything broken, etc., you should report it to the school custodian before you begin your practice. This will help determine when a problem or damage happened and who is responsible for it. You should also immediately report any gym problems to your league president.
            8.Practices are cancelled when schools are closed for inclement weather
            9.On days of early weather dismissal, cancellation information will be available after 4:00 p.m. on the Leisure Line @ 523-3111. When connected, press 10 for cancellations and then press 14 for Youth League Gym  Cancellations. Weekend cancellations will also be available at this number.