Page 1:    Triple Threat, Dribbling and Passing
Page 2:    Pivoting, Shooting and Defense
Page 3:    Getting Open, Screens and Rebounding

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Fundamentals are an important part of the game of basketball. Skills will improve through executing properly, repetition, hard work and having fun. The girls must be taught that they will play as they practice and it is important for them to try new things each and every day. Challenge the girls. Mistakes will happen – they will learn from their mistakes. Be positive, encouraging – catch em doing something right and praise, praise, praise. 
The fundamentals below can be taught at every level of our league. This is a guide to help those coaches that have requested some help in the past. Use it as you like. If you need additional help, please contact us. 
Have a great time with the girls and enjoy the season!   

Triple Threat
 The basic triple threat position allows a player to become an offensive threat to: 

      a)    Shoot

      b)    Pass

      c)    Dribble

An offensive player should immediately assume the triple threat position when receiving a pass. Most players have a tendency to put the ball on the floor to dribble when they receive the ball. By dribbling first, the player has taken away 2/3 of her offensive options.


The triple threat requires you to:

      1)    Catch the ball

      2)    Pivot and square up to the basket

      3)    Knees and waist slightly bent

      4)    Eyes up

      5)    Ball protected from defender on your shooting side (“in your hip pocket”)

      6)    Hands are positioned on the ball in the shooting position

      7)    Weight on your pivot foot – often the left foot for a right handed player and vice versa for the left handed player.

      * The player is now an offensive threat to shoot, pass or dribble.


When young players receive a pass, they automatically want to dribble the ball. Teach them to get in a triple threat position!

Be an offensive threat!


Three reasons to dribble:


      1.    Attack the basket

      2.    Improve a passing lane/angle

      3.    Escape pressure

       * Once you put the ball on the floor, it should be to help you get where you want to go. If the dribble can’t help,

          pass to a teammate.


Dribbling requires:


      1)    Finger control. Finger pads and upper palm, particularly, the thumb and the 3 middle fingers.

      2)    Receive, Cradle and Pump. Receive ball before top of dribble, cradle for split second and pump back to the floor. 

      3)    Move with Rhythm and Control. Entire arm and shoulder move in pumping action, rising at the shoulder and bending at the elbow. Arm pumps in                      rhythm with the bouncing ball which gets the entire body moving in the same rhythm Elbow close to body.

      4)    Head up, eyes focused on what’s happening on the court. Know where the ball is by feel instead of sight. 

      5)    Keep everything low. Balanced, relaxed, knees bent, slightly bent at the waist, weight forward on the balls of the feet.

      6)    Shield the ball. Protect by keeping body between ball and the defender.

      7)    Develop both hands.


Important rule – Do not pick up your dribble until you know what you are going to do with the ball! 



       a) Around Gym – All players get a ball and dribble around perimeter of gym. Begin at a walk, to trot and then ¾ speed.Change up from right hand to left  and back again. Head up, feel the ball.
      b) Speed Dribble – Begin on baseline with 2 groups of players each with one ball. First player in each group dribbles length of court to baseline and back        as fast as possible. Pass to next  teammate in line and go to end of line. And so on. Stress ball control, push ball out front, head up and feel ball. Change up – RH up, LH back. Backwards up,   frontwards back. Compete! Race! Speed is nothing without control.
      c) Dribble, Jump stop, Pivot, Pass - Begin on baseline with 2 groups of players each with one ball.  First player in each  group will speed dribble to RH or  LH foul line elbow, jump stop,  left foot pivot, turn and pass to next player in line. After pass go to back of line. Teammates follow turn. Control, head up,  feel ball, jump stop, pivot and good hard pass.
      d) Sideline Protect – Begin on sideline with 2 or more groups each with one ball. First player in line dribbles to opposite sideline and back with   imaginary player in front of them. Protect   ball with arm bar and slide dribble. Incorporate defender at half speed and then full speed. Protect ball in a ball-you-defender position.
      e) Knock Away - Everyone is in a confined area of the gym with a ball ready to dribble. When the coach says, “ Go”, everyone must dribble while at the same time trying to knock the ball  out of the other players hand. Players who go outside the zone or have their ball knocked away are out of the game. Protect ball, head up, see the floor.
      f)  Wooden Drill – Will be presented at Coaches Clinic. 


Begin in triple threat position.
Simple, crisp and short passes.
Eye contact.
Snap/flick wrist, follow through.
Pass to target between waist and chest area.

       •     Chest pass
      1)    Use two hands
      2)    Use proper hand position – Form an oval with the thumbs and index fingers. Rotate the ball up and into the chest area.
      3)    Step toward the target - Extend the ball straight out and snap/flick wrists and fingers outward. 
      4)    Drive forward and follow through (palms out, thumbs down) for power and accuracy. 
       •     Bounce pass
      1)    Same as chest pass except extend ball to hit floor about 2/3 of the way to receiver of pass.
       •     Side bounce pass
      1)    Same as previous pass except pivot, step across body & pivot foot, extend arms and deliver bounce pass about 2/3 of the
              way to receiver.
       •     Overhead pass
      1)    Same as previous passes except ball extended overhead, elbows straight and flick ball to receiver above the defensive
             player. Palms down, thumbs in. No lobs or “floaters”.
      1)    Passes must be quick and snappy
      2)    Pass to an open space – pass to the space where the receiver is moving to
      3)    Don’t broadcast the pass. Develop “floor vision” so as not to telegraph pass
      4)    Lead the receiver
      5)    Hit receivers in the chest
      6)    Pass away from the defender
      a)    Line Drill – Players pair up with one ball approx 10-12 feet apart. Passing drill for chest pass, bounce pass, side bounce  pass and overhead pass – 1 minute per pass. Stress technique and dynamics with passer and receiver. Receiver provides target, see ball, step or “jump” to ball, catch, pivot, triple threat and return pass. No dropped passes!
     b)    Bull In the Ring – Form circle at center court. Step back to form bigger circle with players 4-5 feet apart. Place one defensive player in middle. Object of this drill is to pass ball to each other within 3 count without the defensive player touching ball. If the ball is touched, passer replaces defender in middle. ***Players are not allowed to pass to player next   to them. Players should use all passes except overhead. Defender slides, extends arms and hustles. Everyone gets a chance!
     c)    Rapid Fire – Form circle as above. One player in middle. One ball! Outside player passes to middle. Middle player  passes to next player in circle going clockwise and so on going around circle. Quick! Go 2 or 3 times and/or incorporate counter clockwise. Stress provide target, see ball, catch ball, snap pass and pivot. Incorporate 2 balls when players are comfortable. After receipt of 1st ball, return pass to 3rd player in circle while 2nd ball is passed from 2nd player and so on.
     d)    Full Court Slide - Begin on baseline with 2 groups of players each with one ball. Partner up! The 2 players pass ball back and forth going the length of the floor and back. Players slide and lead teammate with pass. Change type of pass used. Go sideline to sideline to get more players involved.
     e)    Rapid Pass & Slide – Place 4-5 players on foul line between elbows. Coach is slightly above key with ball. Coach will pass  ball to right elbow (pick a pass). Player catching ball @ right elbow will return pass to coach, drop step and slide behind  teammates to left elbow. Next player will slide to right elbow, accept pass, return pass and follow previous player and so on. Player move in circular motion. Target, see ball, catch, return good pass and slide. 
      f)    Monkey In the Middle – Groups of 3 players. 2 passers approx 10 feet apart & 1 defender. Passers pass back and forth while defender attempts to deflect passes. If the ball is touched, passer replaces defender. This is not keep away!= Defender closes out (sprint, sprint, squeak, squeak) on passers – belly up! Passers work on fakes, pivots and different  passes.
     g)   Hot Potato – Scrimmage full court! No dribbling! If player dribbles or ball hits floor, turnover – team loses possession. Other  team immediately takes ball out and goes other way. All players will be forced to concentrate on their passing game and looking for the open player without dribbling. A twist – player receiving any pass in game counts out loud 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and  then must pass ball. Fun, exciting! Stresses passing, getting open and teamwork.